Celebration of Eid-Al Fitr 2017 Worldwide

Obeying the order of Allah (God) Muslims around the world fast an entire month of Ramadan with praying and doing good activities. After the Ramadan has ended as a reward of fasting Eid-Al Fitr was given to all Muslims.

Eid-Al Fitr means ” festival of breaking the fast”. It’s one of the biggest celebration in the Islamic calendar. Islamic calendar requires moon’s appearent to start a new month. So the day of Did can be determined once the first moon is being seen on the sky. Otherwise the Eid will start delaying a day.
Eid-Al Fitr was in June 25th and 26th. The middle East and Western countries celebrated Eid a day before the rest of Asian countries because of moon.

Basically the Eid is a day of happiness and people around the world enjoys the festival according to their tradition. Eid starts with taking early bath and wearing new clothes. Muslims go to prayer of Eid. The Eid prayer is held on either a big open place or in  ‘Eidgah’ an infrastructure made for Eid prayer. But it can held on mosque according to weather.

3 days of holiday is observe in the Islamic Nations but in USA it’s not. But most companies, organizations and factories give their own holiday to the Muslim employee.
Celebrities, Presidents​ of different countries and CEOs from Apple & Google wished Eid to all Muslims.