Nelly Furtado asks Canadians to Count for Nature

Tide teamed up with Nelly Furtado, Grammy Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter and advocate for the environment, to advance its fundraising initiative with WWF-Canada in support of our Count for Nature movement. Every time someone joins Furtado to take Tide’s Sustainable Laundry Pledge or tweets using the #CleanPledge #CA hashtags, Tide purclean will donate $5* to support WWF-Canada’s Count For Nature movement (up to $15,000*). “I’m thrilled that, together with Tide, I… continue reading

What are you doing for Earth Day?

We only have one Earth. A planet that we all – animals, plants and people – share and depend on. Earth Day is a chance to reflect on your relationship with nature and act to protect this amazing planet. Protecting nature starts with a connection. Maybe it’s your morning walk by a stream or watching the birds and bats fly overhead in your backyard. Maybe it’s the childhood memory of… continue reading

Help wildlife thrive, one garden at a time. Here’s how

Written by: David Miller, president and CEO, WWF-Canada & Michelle Kanter, executive director, Carolinian Canada Have you ever wondered what your property looked like hundreds of years ago? If you live in the Carolinian Zone – a biodiverse ecoregion nestled between the Great Lakes, stretching from Toronto to Windsor – it’s possible that your little piece of Canada was once part of an old growth forest or wetland home for wildlife.… continue reading

Introducing a special edition of the Graeme Loader photo contest

Our country is bursting with beauty, and we want you to capture it on camera. Wherever you go, there’s wildlife worth turning your lens on, whether you’re in the scenic city of Vancouver or passing through the Big Muddy Badlands of Saskatchewan. From now until July 14, 2017 we are running a special edition of our Graeme Loader photo contest in honour of our 50th anniversary. Rather than the usual… continue reading

Celebration of Eid-Al Fitr 2017 Worldwide

Obeying the order of Allah (God) Muslims around the world fast an entire month of Ramadan with praying and doing good activities. After the Ramadan has ended as a reward of fasting Eid-Al Fitr was given to all Muslims. Eid-Al Fitr means ” festival of breaking the fast”. It’s one of the biggest celebration in the Islamic calendar. Islamic calendar requires moon’s appearent to start a new month. So the… continue reading