9 Reasons Why You Should Go for a DNP

Opting to go for a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a big decision. After all, you are about to embark on a journey that will take you to the next level of health care and personal achievement. Even though pursuing a DNP can be challenging, it is something that can have great rewards for you going into the future.

If you are unsure or hesitant about pursuing a DNP, here are 9 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity!

1.      Pioneers of the Nursing Profession

Since way back in 1924, nurses have been earning their doctorate degrees from Columbia University, but it was not until 2001, at the University of Kentucky, when the first ever DNP class was enrolled, which saw a sudden rise in nurses pursuing a Doctorate in Nurse Practitioner. Nurses that have completed their DNP can bring a meaningful change in the health care system and to the profession as well.

2.      Can become teachers

The best part of pursuing a DNP is the fact that you can become an educator. There will always be a need for teachers to educate new and upcoming nurses who wish to pursue a DNP, so the prospect of entering the field as a teacher is quite promising.

3.      Highly Recommended by the IOM

As the number of nurses going for DNP increases, the competition for the jobs will rise too, as the demand for nurses with a DNP will go up. In order to stay ahead of the times it is best to enter a DNP program as soon as possible.

4.      Be Better at Working with Other Healthcare Professionals

DNPs are prepared to work alongside doctors as they have advanced knowledge, which enables them to collaborate better when working with a team.

5.      You Can Get a Bachelor’s Entry Option

Even though this is not available at every institution, this is a really good option for those wanting to get their bachelor’s before moving onto the DNP.

6.      Be Better at Filling the Gap between Practice and Theory

After completing the DNP, you will be able to practice and implement what you have learned as you will become an expert in both theory and the practice of healthcare.

7.      DNPs are Growing by the Numbers

The community of DNPs is growing exponentially as more and more nurses are promoting and communicating how pursuing a DNP can bring a positive change in their work life.

8.      Everyone Else is Enrolling

Don’t get left behind in the dust by not going for a DNP. The nursing profession is moving towards this qualification everyday and soon this might become the norm of the healthcare world.

9.      Show that You are Committed to the Practice

PhD in nursing is more focused on research and knowledge, DNP nurses are more focused towards the practice. If you are interested in the practice more than the research then this is the way to go!